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Wound Care Services

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Wound Care Services

At Wound Сare NYC Center, our team is dedicated to providing advanced wound services for patients and their families. We treat wounds and ensure you are able to manage any non-healing wounds and ulcers with careful attention to treatment plan.

Chronic Wound Care

Dealing with wounds or ulcers that will not properly heal is a serious matter. It takes experience and advanced training to properly diagnose and treat these wounds, so patients seeking the best-qualified wound care specialist have found exactly doctor they need in our Wound Сare NYC Center.

Consultation and Examination

Managing wounds requires more than just treating the wound itself. There are many factors that go into effectively dealing with wounds, thus each patient requires individualized medical attention. Our wound services integrate a tailored approach for each situation. We take the time to understand your wound history and any underlying health issues so that our wound services will address the specific problems or complications you may be facing.

Patient and Family Education

Dealing with non-healing wounds and ulcers can be very stressful to both the patients and their family members. We make sure everyone involved understands the specifics of the wound or ulcer and knows every detail of the recommended treatment. Our fundamental belief for any wound services is that it takes a coordinated team to help manage and restore wounds to proper health.

Diabetic Foot Wound Risk Assessment

Our team’s mission is to help fight diabetic wounds in the early stages. Take our free online diabetic wound risk assessment to determine if you are at risk for diabetic wounds. If there’s a chance you are likely to suffer from diabetic wounds or skin ulcers, do not delay seeking treatment from our caring wound specialist.