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Open Wounds

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Open Wounds

Open wounds are exactly what they sound like; wound that break the skin and expose tissue. This type of wound can lead to serious complications, such as an infection or severe bleeding. Wound Care NYC can provide the treatment needed to reduce the risk of these complications occurring.

Common Causes of Open Wounds

There are many causes of open wounds ranging from relatively minor to potentially life threatening. A minor abrasion could result from simply brushing a rough surface. A laceration is more serious, resulting in tearing of the skin and leading to more pain and bleeding. There are also wounds caused by incisions, punctures, gunshot wounds and other.

Complications of Open Wounds

When such wounds are not promptly treated, potentially grave complications can result. An infection could lead to permanent damage or even necessitate amputation of a limb. A severe wound can lead to loss of function in the affected area.

Treatments for Open Wounds

If you have a severe wound, you must get medical help as soon as possible, of course. Bleeding must be stopped and the wound must be properly cleaned to reduce the risk of infection. In some instances, surgical debridement may be needed in order to remove dead tissue and any foreign material from the wound. Wounds can be closed in several different ways, including staples, adhesive bands, stitches or dressings. If an infection has set in, the wound may need to remain open to reduce infection risk and promote healing.