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Compression Therapy

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Healing with Compression Therapy

When damaged, the body naturally reacts by rushing oxygen-rich blood to the affected area to help it heal. One of the difficulties in managing non-healing wounds and ulcers is that the condition is amplified by restricted blood flow to the tissue. Inadequate blood flow deprives your wound of what it needs to heal.

Conservative Wound Treatment

In appropriate cases, Dr. Manoj Sadhnani may recommend treating wounds with compression therapy. This involves wearing special stockings or socks that exert pressure around the area to help propel blood back up the veins toward the heart and encourage better blood flow.

Compression Therapy for Wounds

Our wound care specialist will first provide a detailed examination to determine if compression therapy is the best solution for your non-healing wound or ulcer. Some wounds and ulcers that might benefit from compression therapy are:

Benefits of Compression Therapy

Our wound care specialist will be able to determine the level of compression needed for the wound. Compression stockings are designed to exert various degrees of pressure on different areas of the leg to help propel blood flow. Benefits of compression therapy for wounds are: