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Wound or Ulcer Types

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Wound or Ulcer Types

For most people, antibiotic ointment and a bandage is all that is needed to heal a wound. However, our wound care specialists understand that common health problems like diabetes, infection or disease leave many people suffering from wounds that will not heal. Facing a non-healing wound or ulcer can be a serious health risk.

Understanding Non-Healing Wounds

Fortunately, the medical field has increased its understanding of the types and causes of slow-healing wounds. Our wound care doctors also know more today about the body’s ability to heal itself, leading to many advances in the area of wound care. The team at Wound Care NYC Center has years of experience in managing and treating a wide variety of non-healing wounds.

Types of Non-Healing Wounds and Ulcers

If you are currently experiencing a wound or ulcer that will not heal, the best thing you, your family or your support group can do is to learn as much as you can about your wound and get expert advice about available wound treatments.