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Infected Wounds

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Infected Wounds: Signs and Symptoms

Diagram of skin, pus, and bacteria in an infected wounds.

Infected wounds are wounds in which bacteria have settled in and have impacted the body’s ability to heal the wound. When the skin is broken and bacteria set in, the body’s immune system will attack and fight the infection. People with a compromised immune system may not be able to effectively fight off infection. This is particularly dangerous to those who have diabetes and to the elderly. If you have diabetes, or are elderly and have an infected wound, please see our wound specialist immediately.

These wounds need to be properly cleaned and dressed to help fight off bacteria. However, it is important to know the signs of when a wound needs medical care. Symptoms of an infected wound:

Causes of Infected Wounds

Infected wounds are caused when the body’s immune system is compromised because of a disease like diabetes. Bacteria, or other microorganisms, settle in resulting in an infected wound that will not heal properly. Because the infection can spread, it is critical to seek immediate care from our wound care specialist.

Treating Infected Wounds

The most serious complication of such kinds of wounds is that they become non-healing wounds. Long term, non-healing wounds can deteriorate the tissue, muscle and bone. Proper wound care is the most important step in healing an infected wound. The wound should have clean bandages and should be changed daily with antibiotics.